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A Simple Guide to Organise Your Wardrobe

More often than not, the wardrobe is the most cluttered and disorganized thing in the bedroom. Simply folding your clothes or putting them on a hangar in the wardrobe does not mean it is organized. Sure it may look neat and tidy to a degree but how often do you find yourself sieving through your clothes to find that one dress or shirt you want?

An organized wardrobe will make everything easier to find and take. You would not need to spend that extra five or ten minutes in the morning just to look for a sock. An organized wardrobe can help you save time and get dressed stress-free.

Now, depending on your lifestyle and the size of your wardrobe, the way you organize your wardrobe to maximize space and efficiency will vary. With that said, there are also some universal guides that can help you declutter and reorganize your wardrobe. Here are some quick steps you can follow to get started on organizing your wardrobe!

Empty your wardrobe and sort

First and foremost, the part that everyone dreads: empty and sort. All you have to do is take out every single item in your wardrobe. As you do this, create three piles: Keep, Donate, Trash. If you want, you can even add a “Sell” pile. To make this easier, you can have boxes prepared for the Donate and Trash pile.

Here are some tips to decide what goes in which pile:

  • Keep items that you love and wear often.
  • Donate items that you no longer wear but are still in good condition. They should be relatively new items that you barely use.
  • Trash items that are no longer wearable, may be stained or torn.

When sorting your clothes, be very honest with yourself. We often form emotional attachments to our clothes even if we do not wear them as much as we used to. As we grow older, we will also notice weight fluctuations and that is perfectly normal. Just be honest with yourself about what you cannot or will not wear anymore, and toss or donate these items. After all, your wardrobe space is limited, so the more you throw, the more space you have to buy new clothes!

If you are having trouble deciding whether to keep or toss an item, try it on and ask yourself these guiding questions:

  • Is the quality still good or has it been stretched too much?
  • Can I still fit into this?
  • Is it still flattering?
  • Do I feel good wearing it?
  • Will I be embarrassed to wear this in front of my family and friends?
  • Will I wear this outside of my home?
  • Do I have a reason to wear this tomorrow?
Credit to: https://stylizimoblog.com

Create zones in your wardrobe with dividers or closet organizers

Now it is time to assess your wardrobe space and try to create zones using dividers and organizers. For example, you can designate a sock drawer, an undergarments drawer, or maybe divide the left and right of the wardrobe for work and home clothes. Be sure to assess and measure your wardrobe space properly before purchasing any dividers, organizers or storage boxes. Remember to take down these measurements because nothing is worse than buying things that do not fit!

One thing you can do here is to put dividers into your drawers to organize the space more efficiently. That way, in a single drawer, you can store your socks, belts, or undergarments without them getting mixed up with each other.

Organize your clothing items back into your wardrobe

You are so close to the end of your organizing journey! This is where you put everything back into your wardrobe. The next step is to group similar items together and place them into their designated zones. First group them by item type – collared shirts, jeans, work pants, dresses, socks, undergarments, and belts, and accessories. After you have grouped them into their respective clothing item, you can further group them by functionality. For example, you can group your work pants, shirts, belts, and blazers together. Or you can group your workout shirts and shorts together.

As you put your grouped clothing items back into your wardrobe, make sure to properly maximize the space. Put clothes that you wear more often at the front or in the middle of your wardrobe. Those that you wear less can be put towards the back or upper shelves of the wardrobe. Basically keep the items that you use more often within easier reach and the others, like your once-a-year Halloween costume, you can put it in the back of the wardrobe. Keeping the clothes you wear regularly easily accessible saves you the trouble of rummaging through your clothes.

Credit to: https://keepitup.us

Create your own organization plan and stick to it

The final step is to stick to the plan that you have made throughout this organization process. Do not get lazy and randomly toss clothes back into the wardrobe. After you have folded them, put them back into their designated zone or drawer. The more you keep your wardrobe organized as you go, the less time and effort it will take next time to do a massive clean and organisation. Ideally you can do a full reorganization of your wardrobe once or twice a year. A good sign that it is time for a full reorganization is when you cannot seem to find a piece of clothing that you wear regularly. So be sure to organize as you go!

If you are still struggling to clean and organize your wardrobe, do not worry because BUTLER’s professional housekeeping services are here to help! Furthermore, we are able to help you with all your housekeeping needs. BUTLER has over a million service sessions with a 100% customer satisfaction rate. With BUTLER’s expertly-trained housekeeping staff, you can be sure that you are placing your wardrobe and home in trusted hands.

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