7 Tips to Organize your Refrigerator

Having a clean and organized refrigerator is more than just looking pretty. It also helps you make cooking and meal preparations easier and healthier! We keep most of our food supplies in the refrigerator and it is so important to keep it clean and hygienic.

This means you reduce the chances of you or your household members from falling ill. Furthermore, having an organized refrigerator means that you can easily find and take what you want without having to rummage through all your food supplies just to find that one can of tuna. So let’s get cracking!

Empty your refrigerator

First things first, before you go on to organize your refrigerator, you need to take everything out. As you do this, check everything and prepare a garbage bin or bag. Check the expiry dates and give it a smell, if it has expired or gone bad, toss it. You should also toss items that you think you probably are not going to use anymore.

As for the items you are keeping, give them a good wipe if they have a spill or stain on them. Your condiment bottles might have spilled on the sides, be sure to wipe it all away. If you are worried about perishable food items going bad as you take them out of the refrigerator, you can prepare some ice and place these items into an insulated cooler bag or container.

Clean and disinfect

The next step is to clean and disinfect your refrigerator before putting the items back in. Remove all the shelves and surfaces and give them a good rinse. Let these shelves and surfaces dry properly. As they dry, you can take an antibacterial wipe or a cloth with a gentle cleaning solution to wipe and sanitize every inch of the interior of the refrigerator. Wipe away all the dirt, stains or spills. After your refrigerator is clean and shiny, you can start to reassemble it and put the shelf pieces back.

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Plan your space

Now that all the pieces are back in the fridge, you need to mentally visualize the space and try to designate zones for the different products. If you need more clearly divided zones, you can purchase drawer dividers to create more sections.

It is important to organize your food items properly because it actually matters where you put your products – the upper shelves, lower shelves, drawers, and doors. The temperature in the refrigerator will vary between the shelves and drawers, hence it is important to know where to put each food product to optimize your fridge.

Refrigerator door

The refrigerator door shelves are the warmest areas that experience the most temperature fluctuations. So try to avoid putting your milk and eggs here as dairy products belong somewhere colder. The best thing to keep here are condiments and other less perishable items. To keep things organized, separate the condiments and other items into groups and designate a door shelf to each of them. You can take it a step further and label each door shelf with stickers.

With door shelves, you can also create a kid-accessible zone with the bottom shelf. You can fill it with juices or healthy snacks so they can easily grab it without your supervision. If you keep their snacks on a higher shelf, this might encourage them to climb and they might injure themselves if they fall. So keeping their juices and snacks at the bottom shelf can keep them safe and fed.

Upper shelves

The top shelves in your refrigerator are the next warmest spots. You should avoid storing raw meat or vegetables here. Instead, you should put items such as leftovers, ready-to-eat foods like cheese and yogurts. These are foods with a shorter shelf life and should be consumed first. To make things easier, you can make your top shelf more accessible with a lazy susan. This keeps your shelf more organized as items will not get lost or forgotten at the back of your refrigerator. That way, when you need something from the top shelf, you can simply spin the lazy susan and access it without much trouble.

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Lower shelves and bottom drawers

Your lower shelves and bottom drawers are where the temperature is the lowest. Here you should store your dairy products such as milk and eggs, your raw meat, vegetables, and fruits. You can place your dairy products and fruits on the lower shelves, and the raw meat and vegetables into the drawers. It is recommended that you separate the storage of raw meat and vegetables into different drawers. However, if you only have a single drawer, you can purchase drawer dividers here to divide them and reduce the risk of contamination. Or you can purchase storage containers that fit into your drawers to keep your meats.

Put everything back in and enjoy your organized refrigerator!

Now that you know what goes where all that is left to do is to put everything back in. By keeping your refrigerator clean and organized, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much easier and quicker it is to cook. You save time and effort by knowing exactly where everything is. But be sure not to slack off! Remember to keep up with your organization efforts – return the items to their designated zones and throw items that have expired. Constantly maintaining a neat refrigerator will make your annual clean and reorganization much easier!

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