6 Benefits of Making Your Bed Every Morning

Do you remember the days when your parents would nag at you constantly for not making your bed? If you think hard enough, you can probably still hear them in your head. Do you recall the countless times you thought to yourself that it is utterly pointless?

You might be thinking that the bed is just going to be messed up again or it is just too troublesome. I am sure that you have a million reasons why making the bed is pointless. 

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However, as it turns out, there are actually several benefits to making your bed! This chore only takes less than a minute in the morning and it will set you up for a great day. During this pandemic, most of us are stuck at home and that means that you are spending all your time either in your bedroom or if you are lucky, a home office room. So, all the more you should be making your bed! After reading this article, you will be scrambling to make your bed each morning. Ready to know why? Here are 6 benefits of making your bed every morning! 

Boost productivity 

Did you know that this little task of making your bed can boost your productivity levels? Making your bed might seem like a menial task but taking a minute to make your bed can give you a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning. Instantly, you will feel proud that you made your bed and this puts you in a motivated mindset to tackle the hustle and bustle of the day. You will be encouraged to complete another task, and another and eventually finish your to-do list. Imagine that! All you need to feel ready and energised to attack the day is to take a minute in the morning to make your bed! 

Reduce stress levels 

Think of it this way, by making your bed every morning, you are giving your future self a gift. Imagine coming home to a cluttered bed and this only adds more stress on yourself after a hard day of work. Having a cluttered bed will be a constant reminder of how disorganised you are and this will eventually affect your mental well-being. Wouldn’t coming home to a neat and clean bed be nice? It is time to regain some control and make your bed each morning! 

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Improves sleep quality 

Naturally, what comes with a reduced stress level is better sleep quality. A survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation concluded that people who made their bed each morning were 19 percent more likely to have a good sleep. We all know how important it is to have a good night’s sleep. If making your bed can help you improve your sleep quality, you should definitely start making it a habit! 

Reduce dust build up 

Making your bed will help you to reduce the amount of dust that accumulates on your sheets. Having a comforter or blanket laid over the bed sheets will protect them from animal fur, pollen and dust from building up throughout the day. Now this does not mean that you will be rid of dust just by making your bed, but it will definitely help to reduce it. Having a relatively dust-free bed is important to keep you allergen free as you sleep. 

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Clean bed, clean home 

A freshly made bed will instantly give your bedroom a neat and tidy appearance. This is especially true if your bed takes up most of the space in the room. Making your bed visually pleasing will motivate you to pick up other clutter in the room. Items such as your dirty clothes or trinkets that are lying around. When your bedroom is looking fresh, you will be inspired to continue tidying up other areas of your home. This sets an organised tone for the rest of your home. From this tiny habit of making your bed, you can work your way to build better habits of organisation that can leave you with a clean home! You will realise that decluttering tasks, like making your bed, really only take up so little time off your a day and the results are overwhelming. 

Additionally, having a made bed and organised home means you are ready to accept guests at any time! You would not have to worry about any unsightly clutter if your guest pops by unannounced. 

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Replicating a retreat 

Do you remember the excitement of coming back to your hotel after a day of exploration? You enter the room, it smells nice, the bed is made and the room is neat. Our first thoughts are always to jump on the bed and get straight to relaxing. You can replicate this excitement to get in bed by making your bed every morning! Your mood will elevate and you will be excited to jump right in. 

In light of this pandemic, we are unable to travel out of our country, let alone our homes. For some of us with the travel bug, we are definitely missing the excitement of travel and living in hotel rooms. So why not start making your bed every morning to replicate the feeling of being on a retreat? No matter what happens in the day, we will be excited jump on our bed like in a hotel! 

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