Cleaning Your Bathroom? Here are the Top 6 Neglected Dirty Spots

Everyone uses the bathroom daily. It is a prime location for germs and bacteria to spread amongst the members of your household. For that reason, we all want our bathrooms to be in the cleanest possible condition. We work to wipe, to scrub and to deep clean our bathroom as often as we see fit.

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Now, this might be enough on the surface level, but it is areas where we often forget or neglect that harbors most of the bacteria and germs. So, to take your bathroom cleaning to the next level, check out these 6 dirty spots that you might be forgetting to clean! 

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1. Behind the toilet bowl

It is obvious that you have to clean the inside and outside of the bowl itself but what most people forget to clean is the back of the toilet. There is often a gap between your toilet and the wall, and that is where dust and gunk can collect. These gaps are usually narrow and are where the coils and piping to your flush tank are. So do remember to give them a clean because dust will collect. Also, because of the moisture in the bathroom, germs, bacteria and mould can build as well. If the gap is too narrow for a mop, you can use disinfectant spray and wipes to clean the area instead. Whatever you do, do not forget to clean this spot! 

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2. Toilet paper holders and towel bars

When you are cleaning your bathroom, your checklist would probably contain the obvious cleaning spots like the toilet bowl, the sink, and the bathtub or shower. It is likely that you have forgotten about these little two fixtures: toilet paper holders and towel bars. They are used to hold your toilet paper and your towels so you might think they are not dirty in the slightest. However, these surfaces are touched and utilised daily, and thus are prone to germ buildup. You would not want to wipe yourself with towels or toilet paper that have been exposed to germs, would you? So give them a good wipe down once a week and do not overlook them! 

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3. Shower curtains 

What do you think of when you read the words “shower curtains”? I bet you think about them as wet, grimy and weird. Even if you avoid touching your shower curtains while you shower, they still look nasty, don’t they? Particularly at the bottom where they look especially dirty and discoloured. This means that you are not cleaning them enough! Your shower curtains are exposed to water, soap and all the dirt you leave behind every day. The bottom of your curtains soaks it all up and this leads to the accumulation of dirt, germs and mould in your shower curtain. Seeing as you have to take a shower everyday, you do not want to overlook cleaning your shower curtain! Cleaning them is as simple as throwing them into the washing machine at least once a month. 

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4. Soap dishes and toothbrush holders 

You might be thinking, “why would I need to clean the soap dish if it holds soap? Isn’t soap self cleaning?” The answer is no. Germs and bacteria from you can stay on the soap bar itself. To reduce this, give your soap bar a rinse after each use. This means that your soap dishes are definitely harboring germs. They can get slimy and grimy as time goes on, so do not forget to wash them frequently. Similarly for your toothbrush holder, give it a good clean because it is one of the dirtiest spots in your bathroom and it is often overlooked. You do not want to be introducing the germs and bacteria living in the toothbrush holder to your mouth. Simply give it a good scrub, rinse and soak and your toothbrush holder will be brand new. 

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5. Sink overflow holes 

How often do you think to clean the sink overflow hole? This little hole is there to prevent your sink from flooding. Now, just because your sink has not flooded, it does not mean that this overflow hole has not been exposed to grime and dirt. On the contrary, it is exposed to germs and bacteria every time the sink is used! So when you are cleaning your sink, do not overlook your overflow hole and allow dirt and germs to build. Remember to scrub your little overflow hole as well! 

6. Drains  

This might seem like an obvious spot to clean but most of us only think to scrub the top of the drain or the drain trap. It is because we do not see the dirt that is inside the drain, we think that cleaning the drain trap is enough. But just because you cannot see it, it does not mean that bacteria, mould and pests are not living in your drains. So aim to clean your drains once a month or two. Some solutions you can use are to pour boiling water, baking soda and vinegar, or even a drain cleaning solution down your drain. 

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