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Don’t get a new spatula till you have sorted your kitchen with these supplies

A kitchen is undeniably a place where the magic happens – to satisfy the hunger pangs after a day at work. But when you end up chucking utensils here and there, it could lead to an unwanted delay to getting your meal cooked.

If you are one who has an eye for pastel utensils, which are surprisingly an in-thing now, you may have subconsciously bought a whole new set over the year-end sale and now wonder how you could fit them all in your already packed drawers. Another reason why you might have ended up purchasing a new spatula? Perhaps you’ve categorised them as “missing”, when in actual fact it’s sitting in the corner of the kitchen drawer.

Hold your horses, before you splurge on more utensils, we suggest you sort out your whole kitchen and maybe check how much kitchen supplies you already have, or would probably need to get replaced. We have compiled a list of items below which you could purchase at IKEA, or if you’re a pro online shopper, go ahead and get cheaper deals on sites such as Shopee.

Utensils Tray

PHOTO: IKEA Singapore

We sense some guilt in you when you’ve just plonked your utensils into the drawer and scurry for them the next time you need it. We understand the frustration of trying to yank out the spatula after it got stuck onto the tongs, forks or even a knife – which  is often responsible for the mini cut on your finger that you always wonder where it came from. Thus, getting a utensils tray will help separate all your kitchen needs and save that mini-fight with the tools in the kitchen.

Airtight food storage container

PHOTO: Heather McKean/ Getty Images

We get how it’s so much easier to grab a rubber band and tie up the used pack of flour, sugar or pasta, only to realise that it’s all colonised by bugs the next time you open it up. Not only would an airtight food storage container help to keep your ingredients fresh and ready to be used anytime, but it also limits the amount of time spent needing to rummage through your stash of dry ingredients. It’s handy when you have a few types of flour on hand, label the containers accordingly, and you’re good to go.

Tea Bag Organiser

PHOTO: Amazon Singapore

Tea lovers, this is an ultimate must-buy for your kitchen! If you are one who changes up your tea flavours every other day depending on your mood, the tea organiser eases the process of needing to properly read the label before opening up the packet of teabag – undoubtedly useful for mornings where you’re half awake but still need your dose of tea. Nonetheless, if you are into coffee, the organiser works well for it too.

3-tier fruit basket

PHOTO: Shopee Singapore

As the saying goes “an apple a day keeps a doctor away”. It’s only normal to stock up on them, primarily since supermarkets usually sell them in batches. That said, leaving them out in the open do eventually attracts bugs and causes bruising way more quickly. You could place your stash of apples, oranges and maybe some bananas accordingly on the 3-tier basket. The fruit basket could also double up as storage for onions, potatoes, and garlic, too – if you do so, do not stack up fruits along with it to prevent cross-contamination. 

Over-sink dish drying rack

PHOTO: Shopee Singapore

Most households we know would already have a dish drying rack in their kitchen, but those living in smaller homes may find them a little space-consuming. If you are a homemaker who uses up endless utensils and measuring spoons, it may even fill up the whole rack quicker than you think and find yourself just chucking the wet tools aside till it dries. That’s where an over-sink dish drying rack would come in place, to provide tons of room for plates and utensils whilst maximising the space.

Wall mount grocery bag dispenser

PHOTO: Shopee Singapore

Typically, instead of getting the black garbage bags to throw trash in, locals will end up reusing the plastic bags from our recent grocery shopping trip to the supermarket instead. That’s certainly a right way of recycling plastic, but we also foresee the kitchen/balcony filled up with tons of them all crumpled up. Therefore, we recommend getting a wall dispenser to slot in those grocery bags and pull one out after taking out the trash.

Budget tip: If you aren’t keen in a dispenser, perhaps fold them into mini triangles for easier storage.

Cloth Hanger

PHOTO: Fotografía de eLuVe/ Getty Images

TV dramas or restaurants often portray chefs merely throwing the cloth aside after wiping the plates. It’s not entirely wrong of them, but you should air-dry them on a hanger to minimise the spread of bacteria from the table surface to the cloth, which would ultimately be used for wiping kitchen utensils. 

Budget tip: Skip spending on getting a wall-mounted wooden hanger, instead purchase 3M hooks from the nearest supermarket or hardware stores. 

Sponge + Soap Dispenser

PHOTO: Shopee Singapore

An Asian mom will most likely repurpose an empty container into a sponge holder and squirt out the dishwashing liquid onto it before thoroughly washing the pots and pans. Whilst it is proven to be efficient, this may be a hassle if your hands are dirty and coming into contact with the dishwashing bottle will make it worst. With this dispenser, it’s as though inventors knew our problems all this while.



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