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Tricks to removing food stains on your carpets

True enough, carpets are an asset in making a living space look so much more sophisticated. But then comes the frustration of trying to remove all the food stains after accidentally spilling some sauce, wine and drips of oil after indulging in some fried food.

We aren’t cleaning experts, but professionals have tried and tested these cleaning recipes below. Please give it a go, and hopefully, these stain removal hacks will make your carpet look good as new. And, of course, impress your friends when they come over to your abode for the next round of game night.

Also, we specifically picked hacks that include readily available items in your home, so you would not need to panic too much when an accident occurs.

Absorb liquid spills with cornstarch 

Image: Tobiaz Titz/Getty Images

First of all, you’d want to clean up as much liquid as you can with a white cloth or paper towel. Speaking of which,  do avoid using coloured cloths to prevent ink and colour transfer onto the carpet.

Once done, sprinkle some cornstarch (the quantity varies with the stain) and let it sit for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour, or till it absorbs all of the liquid. Then, brush off the excess powder with a broom before finishing off with thorough vacuuming.

Best to be used for: Non-coloured liquids such as white wine, sprite and 100 Plus.

Remove grease stains with shaving cream

Image: Tetra Images/Getty Images

Perhaps you invited some friends over for a pizza night, or maybe you ordered in some fried chicken on the weekend. Whilst it certainly sparks joy eating them, it isn’t as great seeing your carpet stained with the oil from those cheat meals.

Thus, quickly grab some shaving cream and work it onto the stain. As always, let it dry up before thoroughly cleaning it with a cloth (again, only white cloth or paper towels).

How this works: The soap and the acid in the shaving cream breaks down and lift stains away in no time. That’s one other reason to stock up on shaving cream for sure, but of course, don’t hoard them.

Sprinkle some salt onto stains caused by sauces

Image: Thomas Northcut/Getty Images

We get how you’d indulge in every bite of some finger food with ketchup or chilli sauce. Whilst it’s more common to cause stains on your clothes, it’s likely to drip onto your carpets as well.

Thus, a trick to get rid of them is to sprinkle some salt over the spill and let it sit for approximately 10 minutes. Once you’re confident that it’s all absorbed, vacuum it up and wipe it down with a damp cloth or sponge.

Quick tip: When cleaning the spill up, it’s best to vacuum the whole carpet instead of just that one stained spot— just in case you over sprinkled salt previously. We must say it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Using ice to get rid of stuck-on gum

Image: FotografiaBasica/Getty Images

Occasionally, while cleaning out your carpet, you may find gum stuck on your rugs. No idea how or who did it, but certainly, it isn’t time to throw out the mat just yet.

Grab a couple of ice cubes from the freezer to freeze the gum embedded on the carpet. After that, scrape the gum out with a pairing knife. Just a caution; do not scrape the knife too deeply into the carpet, or you may end up ripping more fibre than needed.

Quick tip: This works on candle wax that’s lodged onto carpets as well.

Freshen up your carpets with baking soda

Image: @kironascent

Whilst the food stains may somehow have got away, the odours may stick around for some time and you wouldn’t want guests to get a sniff of them when they are lounging around.

To solve that, add 20 to 30 drops (amount varies with the size of your carpet) of your favourite essential oil to a bowl of baking soda. Mix that well before using it immediately. Let the mixture sit on the carpet for six to eight hours to allow the oil fragrance to absorb.

Quick tip: Sprinkle the mixture generously all across the carpet, and if you’re not in a rush to accept any guests any time soon, it’s recommended to leave it overnight. Once all of that is done, vacuum up the debris and you’re good to go.

Feature image: @hipvanhome

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