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Organising your wadrobe for a less hectic morning situation

We easily pictured how each household’s morning chaos is like every morning — perhaps similar to everyone else’s. That includes how Asian mothers would scream at the top of their lungs, trying to get everyone ready for work and school whilst sorting out their outfits. Moreover, one can never pull-off a whole outfit at one shot; at 6 am, that is.

Whilst we figured it’d be best to get your outfit sorted the night before, that is almost impossible for indecisive people like ourselves. Therefore, the best alternative would be to organise your wardrobe, so it’s a quick “grab and go” on a day-to-day basis. Read on and perhaps take the time to “Marie Kondo” your closet this weekend.

Sort them by colours

Image: Keagan Henman/Unsplash

Ever fell into confusion as to which top matches with your bottoms? Sorting your wardrobe by colours would then make it easier to pull together your outfit of the day. Doing so also acts as a gauge of what colours you should avoid buying on your next shopping spree.

Nonetheless, we can’t deny that it’s going to be tedious to do so, but of course, don’t torture yourself to organise them following the colours of the rainbow.

Sort them by clothing category

Image: Csondy/Getty Images

Don’t get us started about how you scramble to find your favourite top; that’s if your mother can find it eventually. You perhaps are aware that you have a green top that could match with a pair of chinos of your choice, but just can’t seem to find it anywhere.

With that said, we propose that you store your clothes according to their category — jeans in one stash, jackets in one pile and of course, your pyjamas evenly partitioned from your workout clothes. Not only would this then ease the stress in picking out your outfit, but it also saves all the unnecessary anger right at the start of the day.

Stack thick apparel

Image: RuslanDashinsky/Getty Images

Whilst you might have the urge to hang everything up so you wouldn’t need to iron your clothes every time you want to wear them, it’s best to stack thick clothing instead.

By thick items, we refer to your jackets, denim as well as pullovers. Generally, since they are thick and sturdy, they would not wrinkle or lose shape easily when stacked. Therefore, doing so makes room for other apparels such as a new top or blazer.

Roll T-shirts and undergarments into storage boxes

Image: Pinterest

Just like how Marie Kondo suggests, it is recommended that you roll your T-shirts and undergarments into storage boxes. It’s tempting to pile them up, but it’s undoubtedly the mood killer when you pull out a shirt and the others topple over.

Tip: Fold them in half and roll them into little cubes. After that, tuck the rolled clothing into boxes or wire baskets for easier identification.

Hang scarves onto hangers

Image: Amazon Singapore

For all the hijabi ladies, here’s a tip for you.

We get how you’d purchase a new scarf at trade fairs, sales and online deals; the reason being that it’s of a different shade from the ones you have at home. Eventually, that leads you to have tons of them lying around unused.

The most excellent solution would thus be to invest in a scarf hanger, keeping them crinkle-free and easy to access.

Tip: Get a colourful hanger to act as an accessory to the room.

Adding on, the type of hangers you purchase for your clothes make a difference:

Image: Spiderstock/Getty Images

Whilst you may prioritise revamping your wardrobe, take the time to also look into the type of hangers you use to hang your clothes. It is undoubtedly cheaper to get the thin plastic hangers off the shelves of a nearby minimart, but they essentially only work on light-weight garments.

Recall finding your silk blouses stashed at the back of the wardrobe, leaving you to question why there is an empty hanger? Indeed, we recall falling into those moments, and there’s nothing else to blame but the type of hanger you used. In this case, wooden hangers would work better for silk and slippery blouses. That applies to coats and blazers as well — since you spent quite a bit on them, it’s only fair to hang them on fancy hangers.

Tip: If you have sufficient space to hang everything down to your T-shirts, go ahead. Otherwise, dedicate the hangers to delicate items like dresses, skirts, blazers and formal tops.

Feature image taken from @squareroomsmag

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