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Must-haves if you have a kid at home

As a first-time parent, you might wonder how to make your home child-friendly. You may have gotten a gazillion suggestions from your parent-support groups but left with no time to spare to narrow down your options.

No worries mommies and daddies, we have collated a list of must-haves in your home if you have a kid (babies, toddler, young children) at home.

Sanitiser for kids’ toys

With the pandemic seeing no-end soon, not only should you stock up on hand sanitisers but also consider adding in toy sanitisers to your list.

Often, you may merely wipe down the toys with antiseptic wipes or brush off any dirt away. Still, we highly encourage you to sanitise your child’s toys to eliminate germs unnoticeable by the human eye completely.

Retailing at under $10 at supermarkets such as NTUC, it certainly is an excellent addition to your shopping carts the next time you are shopping for groceries.

Child- safety gate

If you have toddlers who are starting to take their first steps or one who keeps running around, this has got to be the best investment you would ever make.

We suggest having the gate installed at your kitchen entrance to permit your child from entering the most hazardous part of the house. With knives, hot oil and blenders all on high proximity, this could cause severe injury to your children who would try to sneak a peek or managed to have a grasp.


Playmats come in the form of an absorbent mat or a soft material carpet. These are, beyond a doubt, a lifesaver to prevent bruising whilst your kids are playing.

With a wide range of design options to choose from, pick one that incorporates learning elements whilst at play.  These include those with alphabets, animals as well as shapes.

To note: Do ensure you purchase playmats which are either waterproof or easily-washable to ease the cleaning process after each play session.

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Wire organiser

Loose wires on the floor are not only hazardous to adults but more importantly, to your kids who are continuously running around.

These wire organisers aids in keeping the wires hidden, which in turn would not catch the attention of those tiny hands in your household.

Tip: Do note how long your extension plugs are so you can purchase an organiser that fits perfectly. With assorted colour options as well, feel free to pick one that suits the room’s theme.

Sharp edge protector

Even if you live in a house with ample space, unavoidably your child will tend to bump into something at home. The next moment you realise, your child could be crying and bleeding, and you start regretting your choice of furniture.

Getting brand new furniture would not be feasible in your budget. Thus, these rubber protectors would then shield the edges, preventing an injury the next time your child accidentally runs into them.

First-aid kits

First-aid kits are a must-have in every household for sure. Just ensure to replenish them once you have used a particular supply, more commonly plasters.

The next time you are at a pharmacy, do remember to stock up on them. We might sound a little paranoid, but, it is better to have an excess of them at home rather than panicking when your child gets hurt, and you are out of supplies.

These options are sourced out based on the common injuries kids face while they are at home. Like a doctor’s saying “prevention is better than cure” so start proofing your home for your children as soon as you can.

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