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Here’s why you should switch from curtains to blinds

We figured it’s time we put an end to the debate on whether blinds or curtains are the best fit for your abode.

Evidently, blinds are slowly dominating the markets, so it’s time to roll out the pros on why you should consider making a switch from your usual curtains. Ultimately, if your parents are still firm believers of otherwise, we hope the list below can make them reconsider.

Easy to maintain

Image: Nitinai Sangunsri/Getty Images

Typically, it’s easy to maintain any type of blind by simply wiping all the dirt or dust off with a damp cloth. This is considered way easier than curtains, which would require one to unhook, toss them in the washer or to the dry cleaning store and the cycle repeats. Ultimately, it takes up too much precious time away from your Netflix session.

Not forgetting, blinds are long-lasting if cared for properly, helping you save some dollars as years go by. Essentially, it’d be best to pick out a primary colour that matches any furniture, so you wouldn’t need to replace them just because you change an item around the house.

Allows you to control the light entering the space

Image: Matthew LeJune/Unsplash

As compared to curtains which only allow you to either get a full light source or none at all, blinds, on the other hand, give you the liberty of controlling the amount of light entering your home.

It’s as though you are out in the park enjoying the sun, but in actual fact, you are lazing around in your living room.

Endless blind choices to choose from

Image: Tetra/Getty Images

Both practical and decorative, well-chosen blinds can have a transformative effect on a room.

Needless to say, especially if you are as fickle-minded as we are, picking the right one out of an array of choices can be a challenge. Well, skip the hassle and read through our top picks below.

Blackout blinds

Image: @blindsdotcom

Like their name states, blackout blinds can either make a room fully lighted up or be transformed into total darkness. If you are looking to obtain 100 percent privacy whilst contained in your living space, they’re certainly the right pick.

A budget-friendly tip is to get a dark-coloured blind if the original blackout blinds are costly; perhaps getting a black aluminium blind would suffice.

Recommended location: Studio, movie room, bedroom

Roman blinds

Image: Pinterest

Roman blinds are considered a notch down compared to blackout blinds in terms of the level of darkness. Simple, elegant and contemporary, they hang straight and flat when down and form soft pleats when raised.

This type of blind is known to have been around for centuries and can last for decades, which is perhaps also the reason why they’re considered one of the more pricey options amongst all types of blinds.

Recommended location: Bedroom

Vertical blinds

Image: Pinterest

Vertical blinds are the ideal alternative to traditional curtains as they detract from left to right instead of bottom to up, which is more commonly seen in other types of blinds. The slats of vertical blinds are designed to rotate and control the amount of light entering the room.

Recommended location: Whilst it’s more commonly seen in offices and hospitals, they are highly recommended for patio or sliding doors.

Wooden blinds

Image: Trigga/Getty Images

This type of blind is commonly seen in Asian homes as they are deemed ideal for small windows.

Whilst they look a little bulky, they’re able to provide a home with the best of both worlds — full blackout and the ability to adjust rays of light.

Recommended location: Study room, balcony

Blinds material guide

Whilst we have resolved the problem of picking out your preferred type of blind, here comes the need to choose the right material. Similar to purchasing bedsheets, there’s no one size fits all; thus, it ultimately depends on your room as well as your personal preference.

With that said, here’s a guide for you to perhaps consider before heading to the store.


Naturally, wooden blinds add texture and depth to any living space whilst portraying a cosy overall outlook. If your home leans towards all things wood, including your furniture and flooring, this is one material to fit the theme.

Plus point: It remains durable for years and is easily maintained.

Faux wood

Image: Chayapon Bootboonneam/Getty Images

Essentially, faux wood blinds are a cheaper alternative to natural wood blinds. Apart from its affordable price point, faux wood doesn’t warp or fade when exposed to the sun; thus, it might also be the best choice for sunny Singapore.

To add on, since it’s not real wood, it can be hosed down or immersed in water when you need a thorough wash.


Image: Ryan McVay/Getty Images

Bamboos in general provide insulation to an abode by preventing the heat from entering or escaping the room. Perhaps this could be considered an energy-efficient material that aids in saving extra kilowatts on your electricity bill.

Unfortunately, the bamboo strips come off easily if not well-managed and can easily discolour upon constant contact with water, such as at areas like the balcony.


Image: @hipvanhome

Known for their rigid material, aluminium blinds are anti-corrosive yet durable. For households who prefer an added privacy or shield from the midday sun whilst whipping up a meal in the kitchen, this type of blind is resistant to moisture, making it a perfect fit for the kitchen.

Plus point: Aluminium is the most affordable of all materials.


Image: Steve Johnson/Unsplash

Constructed from PVC, vinyl blinds are durable, stain-resistant and highly versatile. Especially with Singapore’s humidity, vinyl blinds come with an added ultraviolet (UV) ray protection — count that as sunscreen for your home.

Nevertheless, experts recommend getting vinyl blinds for households with a contemporary interior design.


Image: Pinterest

For mothers who miss picking out fabric when it’s time for a change of curtains, fabric blinds could be an alternative.

Known for their sleek, modern and stylish look that’s bound to make any dull windows look vogue, a sad downside is that they cannot withstand as much heat or moisture, thus making them less versatile than aluminium and vinyl-made blinds.

Feature image by @hipvanhome

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