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5 post renovation cleaning tips for property owners in Singapore

Getting a property makeover can add a nice boost to its value.

But often, what greets you at the front door isn’t a picture-perfect home or beautiful office. Instead, there’s dust and grime everywhere.

Dealing with the post-renovation clean-up can be really frustrating, even hazardous if you’re prone to dust allergies.

Planning to give you property an overhaul? Here’s how to deal with the post-renovation mess.


5 tips for better post-renovation cleaning


1. Always Start with ventilation first


Open windows can help improve ventilation in your property as well.


As a general rule, your post-renovation clean-up should always start with letting in fresh air first.

If you’re starting to clean immediately after renovation is complete, it’s likely that your property will still have airborne dust.

Opening the windows or switching on ventilation fans can not only help get rid of these, but also make it a lot easier to breathe.


2. Vacuum then wipe down with damp cloth


A HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner is deal for complete dust removal.


Once renovation works are completed, it’s pretty much standard practice for interior designers to clean up.

Still, it’s fairly common to find traces of construction debris around.

For starters, use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtered vacuum cleaner to remove dust from floors and countertops.

Refrain from sweeping with a broom as doing so often kicks up a lot of dust – dust that can easily trigger an allergy.

Once you’re finished with vacuuming, remove the rest of the dirt and dust still stuck on these surfaces by wiping them with a damp cloth.

Again, refrain from using dry cloth as it will kick up dust.

For an optimal experience, it’s highly recommended to use microfiber cloth instead of regular tablecloth.


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3. Don’t forget to wipe dust off walls and ceilings


Be sure to also wipe dust and dirt off walls and ceilings.


While vacuuming easily works for the floor and kitchen countertops, walls and ceilings are a much tougher challenge.

Still, it’s important to get rid of dust on your walls and ceilings.

If you’re struggling to reach them, consider tying damp cleaning cloth to the end of a pole to wipe down dust from walls and ceilings.


4. Stock up on garbage bags


(image credit: Cute WallPaper) Consider stocking up on garbage bags before you post-renovation clean-up.


Taking care of dust and dirt on surfaces is just the tip of the post-renovation cleaning iceberg.

Post-renovation cleaning is messy work, and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have lots of other trash to take out once you’re done.

Before you start cleaning, it’s wise to get a generous amount of thick garbage bags to dispose of them efficiently.

The last thing you’d want is having a pile of refuse you can’t get rid of.


5. Thoroughly wipe down high-touch areas


(image credit: The Dirt Doctors) Focus your attention on high-touch areas like doorknobs.


Last but not least, you’ll also want to focus your attention on keeping high – touch areas like doors, doorknobs and appliance handles as clean as possible.

High-touch areas receive lots of physical contact throughout the day.

If you’re not careful, dust trapped in these areas can easily disperse throughout your home.

And if that’s the case, you’ll need another round of cleaning to get your property into shape.


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Make post-renovation cleaning stress-free with us


Make no mistake – post-renovation cleaning is absolutely necessary, but it’s a back-breaking experience too.

From thoroughly vacuuming the floor to wiping down all surfaces, you’ll need to invest not only energy, but also time for a proper clean-up.

Leave the hard work to us, and enjoy your newly renovated home or office in comfort.

With Housekeeping’s full range of professional housekeeping services, rest assured that your property will be spotlessly clean.

Transform your properties without the mess together with us. Reach out to arrange for a consultation today.

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