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One Time & ad hoc Office / Commercial Cleaning

One-Time office cleaning service with Singapore's Finest Housekeeping Service Company.


自 2016 年以来,八达乐提供新加坡最好的常规和临时办公室和商业清洁服务。



  1. 简单整理
  2. 擦所有桌子和可接触表面
  3. 吸尘/打扫和拖地所有地板
  4. 把垃圾和环保垃圾丢掉


  1. 厕所卫生(擦拭+拖地)
  2. 擦厕所所有的玻璃
  3. 简单整理
  4. 清洁洗澡区域
  5. 把垃圾和环保垃圾丢掉


  1. 每周擦玻璃和窗户


  1. 简单整理
  2. 进货和搁置
  3. 杯子和盘子的清洗
  4. 擦所有桌子和可接触表面
  5. 把垃圾和环保垃圾丢掉

Extras (Upon Request)

  1. 喷消毒水
  2. 椅子和沙发水洗清洁
  3. 地毯清洁
  4. 杂工和其他机电服务。
  5. 茶水间管理
  6. 设备管理
  7. 厕所和公司日常用品
  8. 活动策划
  9. BUTLER的专业客服服务


在八达乐的清洁服务 - 我们通过结合创新、技术、卓越服务和热情好客,提供卓越的服务质量、无与伦比的可靠性和准时性能,提供最好的办公室清洁服务。










Our Office / Commercial Cleaning Service Pricing




BUTLER 的家政服务 自 2016 年以来一直是新加坡最好的家政和家庭服务公司。

We offer a one-stop housekeeping, office, and commercial cleaning services company providing seamless convenience and access to managing ones home and office. 

At Housekeeping by BUTLER

Every Housekeeper and Office Cleaner is reliable, experienced and professionally trained.

All our workers operates to the BUTLER standard of excellence framework. 

To become a worker at BUTLER, requires undergoing strict selection, training, with a minimum of 2 years working experience in relevant field.

All workers are legal employees of the company and receives industry leading employment benefits.

Simply inform your dedicated account manager or concierge to find out more!

Yes, we provide standard range of cleaning products and supplies for our customers, for large sized equipment’s and appliances such as hoovers/vacuums, buckets, mop and pails will be provided by the customer.

For more information please contact your dedicated account manager or concierge. 

We accept all major credit cards, PayNow, and bank transfers.

Yes, to ensure that service standards are consistent and efficient, we will allocate a primary and secondary cleaner to your office, in which the secondary cleaner will be the backup in the event there is any changes to the primary cleaner, ensuring the preferences that you may have is consistent. 

For more information simply contact your dedicated account manager or concierge to find out more!

No, Our regular and ad-hoc housekeeping services are unavailable on Public Holidays.

Should you urgently require a service during the Public Holidays please contact your dedicated account manager or the concierge for help.

No, at Housekeeping by BUTLER we believe in providing quality service and experience. We do not require customers to sign a minimum subscription period. However, we do charge a prepayment of 1 month subscription prior to the start of service.

For more information simply contract your dedicated account manager or concierge to find out more!

For cancellations, simply inform your dedicated account manager or concierge for more information.

Our office operates between 9am to 6pm daily. (Singapore Time)

Since 2016, Exceptional Reliability, Quality, and Performance are our key operational indicators.

Our unparalleled reliability comes from our track record since 2016 with over 1 million jobs completed and a on-time performance of 99.99%. 



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